About me

Getting on in life, many hobbies and never enough time for all of them to become an expert, however, I do strive to do my best when learning about something new.. A desire to succeed, to know, and to avoid the pitfalls of assumptions!

I hope to add more info on the project when I have the time to do it.. please tune in to my sound cloud pages and let me know what you thinks of the recordings so far.

I hope to experiment with different ideas using the 3D sound, to maximise the perspective that we are so accustomed to, yet when we put our headphones on it all becomes a novelty, why is that? I think it’s because we are so used to the music, or what ever we listen to is normally sat right in the middle of our head, and it is not expected that the sounds should appear outside of our noggin.

It sure can be immersive, so much so that if you have your eye’s closed it can be quite a challenge to keep them closed sometimes.

I think this is why I enjoy the experience so much, there are other things that I would like to explore with the HRTF tones that our ears put on the sound as it passes down our ear canals. People with pinna loss, or damage may benefit from new pinna to aid their perception. I have a few ideas in that dept that I hope I may take further.



8 comments on “About me

  1. Hi there!

    I just found this, completely by accident, following a link you posted in a YouTube comment. It’s wonderful! I’m sat at a desk in an office in New York, listening to two cats having a bit of a barney in your back garden… it also sounds like you have a road nearby (to the left of the mikes) and a jet went over a few minutes ago, from left to right. Absolutely outstanding. I’m a Brit and have been here a few years and often get a bit home sick. I was on YouTube looking for UK sound recordings but this is much better – it’s like I’m there. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Kindest regards
    Luke Dolman

  2. That’s incredible. Can hear all of it. I’m using some crappy $9.99 earbuds and it’s like you’re wandering about around my head. Mind blowing – well done! 🙂

      • There are other links on that page too, but for UK sounds that make you feel that you are there, it’s the right place to be, if you can put some big headphones, or good ones with top bass sounds, am sure you’ve just found a new way of listening, boring stereo will never be the same again.

        Thank you for the interaction, makes it worth while.


  3. Fantastic, thanks for the additional info, Alan. I’m afraid I had to drop from the stream (work huh??) but I’ll keep popping in and out. Thanks again – great fun!

    Best regards

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